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Not just for tires, the NAPA AUTOPRO podium is designed to hold any product that you want to stand out.

The podium is built with a high-pressure laminate with the official NAPA AUTOPRO colours on all four sides, making it a versatile and professional addition to the showroom.

Place the podium against walls or wherever they are needed in the showroom for improved merchandising. Tire holders and tires not included.


*Please select "Napa Points" as the payment method during the checkout process.

    SH displays are fabricated with melamine, which can be affected by water over time. Please ensure that while cleaning your displays, you only use slightly damp cloths (wring it out well).


    - Dust displays regularly with a dry cloth or dusting cloth

    - For mild dirt, use a slightly damp cloth

    - For tougher dirt, use mild soap and water on a slightly damp cloth

    - Do not use chemical or household cleaning products on displays

    - Do not saturate with water 

    - Do not mop displays or around the edges of displays


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